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Piskorek Organic Sauerkraut

Naturally fermented
Piskorek sauerkraut is 100% organic.

Piskorek Organic Cucumber Pickles

Naturally fermented in Charsznica.

Cucumber pickles that you hold in your hand are organic, based on natural fermentation method known exclusively in Charsznica.

Grated Red Beetroots

Our grated red beetroot is a high-quality product that can be served as a side dish with your meal.

Grated Red Beetroot & Horseradish

Our grated horseradish beetroot is a high-quality product that can be served as a side dish with your meal.

Pickled Patty Pan Squash with Chili “Mr. Patty Pan Squash”

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us present you our spicy star…Mr. Patty Pan Squash with Chili!

Red Cabbage with Apples (Purple Cabbage) „Modra inaczej…”

“Purple Cabbage” is an interesting variety of classic red cabbage in a jar.

Senacka Salad

Polish Braised Cabbage Salad

Piskorek Natural Syrups

100% natural fruit syrups made with heart and passion from real fruit, not from concentrate.

Piskorek Sour Rye Soup

Our flagship product, naturally fermented with fresh garlic.

Piskorek White Borscht

The product is softer and milder in taste than Sour Rye Soup due to Levain (wheat leaven) used.

Red Borscht (Sour Beet Soup)

Natural red borscht made of only four simple Ingredients: beetroot, fresh Garlic, water and salt. Everything based on natural fermentation process.

Pure Fresh Horseradish “Chrzanić wszystko!”

75 % pure fresh horseradish in glass jar. Natural ingredients.

Organic Sour Rye Soup

Piskorek sour rye soup made of certified ingredients from organic farming. Based on organic rye sourdough.

Organic White Borscht

Piskorek White Borscht based on natural certified products.
Contains organic Levain (wheat leaven).

Pure Fermented Cabbage Juice

Made from naturally fermented organic cabbage (lactic acid fermentation).

Piskorek Sour Rye Soup for HoReCa Sector

We have created HoReCa version of our sour rye soup designed for restaurant and hotel owners. More convenient, more economical and more efficient!

Piskorek White Borscht for HoReCa Sector

The first natural White Borscht on the market designed especially for food service industry. Recommended by many chefs and restaurant owners.

Organic Sour Rye Soup for HoReCa Sector

Novelty for restaurant and hotel owners serving organic products – Organic Sour Rye Soup in HoReCa packaging!

Organic White Borscht for HoReCa Sector

The first organic and natural White Borscht for food service sector in Poland!

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