Nature Matters

New Organic Products

In response to growing demand and consumer expectations, we are proud to present a new product line
– Organic Sour Rye Soup and Organic White Borscht from Piskorek
– BIO Sauerkraut from Piskorek
– BIO pickled cucumbers from Piskorek
– Organic sauerkraut juice from Piskorek.

Our products with the Green Leaf icon meet high EU standards and guarantee that the ingredients used in their production come from certified organic farming only.

Our ORGANIC product line can be distinguished by a unique sourdough starter based on ecological flours and an innovative food production process utilising Grander® water.
This revitalised water undergoing special treatment process is full of health benefits.

These products are certainly ones of the top-quality food products of this kind on the market designed for the most demanding customers.

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