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PISKOREK Sour Rye Soup

based on rye sourdough

Piskorek sour rye soup is manufactured in the process of natural fermentation lasting few days. It contains only natural ingredients and fresh Polish garlic. Our sour rye soup is distinguished by the rye sourdough we add to it – it has been made in our family-owned bakery continuously for over 80 years. Piskorek sour rye soup is certainly the healthiest and most nutritious product of this type on the market. It’s a good choice!

does not contain

granulated garlic

It contains only healthy ingredients

Red Borscht

based on beetroot sourdough

Our red borscht is made from fresh beets, boiled water and garlic. That’s enough to provide the top-quality healthy product which when properly fermented, will provide health benefits. Cheers!

does not contain artificial dyes,
aromas and preservatives

is formed during
natural fermentation

Our history

The history of our sour rye soup dates back to my youth … As a little boy I often visited my grandmother Kasia. One of her favourite dishes was the sour rye soup she cooked using homemade sourdough. She used to make it in a clay pot covered with a linen cloth. The taste and smell of sour rye soup was amazing and such that I will never forget.
Almost 20 years later, my brothers and I attempted to make it ourselves according to our grandmother’s notes and recipes. Today I want to share with you not only my passion and love, but the taste of a real home-made “PISKOREK sour rye soup” based on our sourdough”.

I highly recommend it!

Your health is the most important for us

Only Polish garlic

We use only Polish garlic from garlic varieties such as Harnaś, Arkus or Orkan.
It is rich in vitamins, minerals and valuable microelements; thus, it is beneficial for our health.

Drinking sour rye soup directly from a bottle?

Drinking uncooked sour rye soup to fight many diseases. Just drink a glass of ‘Piskorek Sour Rye Soup’ a day for a week to feel the difference!

Contains no citric acid and no vinegar

We focus production on natural ingredients! Our products do not contain unhealthy vinegar or citric acid.

What is the best for your health?

A healthy diet is essential for our good health and nutrition. That is why it is so important to choose natural products that will be benefit for our health and well-being.

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