Frequently Asked Question

For consumers

1. What’s the difference between sour rye soup and white borscht?
The difference lies primarily in the type of sourdough starter used. Rye sourdough is added to the sour rye soup, while wheat leaven is added to the white borscht. This is why sour rye soup has a more distinct aroma and taste, while white borscht is milder and more delicate.
2. What is sourdough starter?
All you need for sourdough is flour and water that undergone fermentation process. It consists mainly of Lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria) and wild yeast. The sourdough we use in our sour rye soup has been manufactured in our Bakery since 1938. Eating fermented products has been proven to have several beneficial effects on our health.
3. Why do you use plastic packaging?
A number of factors have been taken into account when determining how useful plastic packaging is in the sale of our products. First of all, the price – we wanted more customers to enjoy our products, and as the price of the product poured into glass packaging is doubled due to expensive bottles. Secondly, logistics – products in plastic packaging weigh less and more of them can be loaded on a truck – thus we save the environment as our trucks run less frequently but with larger quantities of goods.
Plastic bottles are 100% made of recyclable plastic.
Research show that products in plastic bottles are safe for our health.
Of course, we offer our products in glass bottles for more demanding customers.
4. Why are your products worth the price and more expensive than the competitive ones?

We use top-quality raw materials in the production of our products: Polish garlic and Polish flour, as well as Grander revitalised water. Fermentation of our products is not accelerated; it is a natural process which lasts few days.

5. How to prepare your soups?
Cooking methods for our products are on the labels. You can also go to the “Recipes” section, where our friendly chef has prepared several suggestions for preparation of our products.
6. How long after cooking can you eat sour rye soup?
When stored in a fridge the sour rye soup can be consumed for 2-3 days.
7. How to store your products? In a refrigerator?
Preferably in a shady, cool place.
shaded cool place in accordance with the instructions on a bottle, no need to keep in a fridge
8. What health properties do your products have?
Our products such as sour rye soup and borscht are naturally fermented and have proven to have been beneficial for our health – they contain vitamins, micro- and macro-elements and are beneficial to our digestive system, because the microorganisms formed during fermentation support digestion and strengthen the microflora. More information about the health-promoting properties of our products can be found in the “Health” tab.
9. Can sour rye soup be drunk uncooked?
Of course, many people buy our soup and drink it directly from the bottle. It is very healthy.
10. How many people can eat a meal made from one bottle of sour rye soup?
One pot of our soup corresponds to 7-8 portions

For business customers

1. What is the expiry date of your products?
Expiry dates are given in the “Products” section, after clicking on each product relevant description is displayed.
2. What are the types of unit packaging?
– Sour Rye Soup and White Borscht – 480 mL plastic, 480 mL glass, 3L plastic
– Red Borscht – 500mL glass
– Sour Rye Soup and Organic White Borscht – 480 mL glass
– Horseradish – 230g glass jar
– Fermented cabbage juice – 480 mL glass
More details about unit packaging, collective packaging and logistics are available in the “Products” section.
3. Why your sour rye soup and not another?
Our sour rye soup is produced only in a natural way. We add a unique sourdough to our soup, which we have been making in our family-owned bakery since 1938, and fresh Polish garlic. The whole mixture is fermented for several days.
4. Who recommends you?
Michał Bałazy, Anna Starmach, Rafał Orłowski, Remigiusz Rączka
5. Who cooks your products (restaurants, hotels, famous chefs)?
Hotel Gołębiewski Wisła, Molo Restaurant in Osiek, Ochodzita Tavern in Koniaków, Hotel Relax in Kęty, Rycerska Restaurant in Kęty, La Rossa Restaurant in Oświęcim, Hotel Dąbrowski in Oświęcim, Hotel Imperiale in Oświęcim, Łysoń Hotel in Inwałd, Energylandia in Zator and many other.
6. What is the minimum delivery requirement for your products?
1 pallet = 1176 bottles = 98 cardboard boxes.
7. What is the time to process the order?
An order is executed and delivered to a customer within 72 hours (on business days) after its acceptance, provided that it is placed before 12:00.
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