Our history?

Our company

Despite creative management team which is relatively young, our company has already a long tradition. In 1938, our great grandfather Antoni founded a bakery in Nowa Wieś, which we run to this day. He began to make a sourdough bread starter. We use this sourdough for the production of sour rye soup. It has been made continuously since the great grandfather prepared the first kneading trough.
At an early age, Adam, one of the Piskorek brothers, found an old recipe for rye sourdough which belonged to our grandmother Kasia. With the engagement of brothers and the whole family, we managed to recreate it just like our grandmother did. At the very beginning it was supposed to be the Grandma’s sour rye soup sold in several stores of our bakery. Today, it is a well-recognized product appreciated by many chefs and consumers, available at numerous retail points throughout Poland, but also in Germany, Great Britain, Canada and Australia.

We do not sell a regular product – what we sell is our memories and passion,

as well as the sense of joy and satisfaction from manufacturing each bottle of sour rye soup.

What we focus on?


we focus primarily on the quality of our products, as we believe that quality determines the choice of product by consumers.

Care for the environment

packaging of our products is made of recyclable materials; cardboard boxes are mostly recyclable whereas our products are transported jointly with other goods so as to have fully loaded trucks.


health of our customers is of utmost importance to us, that’s why we never use any artificial additives in our products. We do not take shortcuts – we only add fresh garlic and the fermentation process lasts few days.

Social responsibility

we support numerous local projects (harvest festivals, school events) and various local organizations.

to samo miejsce, ten sam smak

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